We Connect Creators with Projects
Be part of highly driven communities.
Start with any level of experience.
Build a better future.

Turn Projects into Rocketships
Great projects need great teams to realise their potential. Share your skills to help drive the world in a better direction.
Share your Journey and Vision
Tell your story and communicate easily why people should join you on the next phase of your mission.
And more...
Unlimited Opportunity
Build across any category you can dream of. The sky's the limit.

Specify your Requirements Precisely
Different types of projects need different types of skills. Easily specify what and who you need to make your vision a reality.
AI Powered Matching Engine
We use advanced machine learning to find the best matches in an instant. No more long searches for the ideal partner.

GitHub Org
Close Friends
Private Communities
Whether personal passion or professional persuit, create your own groups or join bigger collectives.
Curated and Reputable
Premium groups allow you to be rewarded for organizing and leading groups. Help build a high quality environment that fuels growth and reap the rewards.

Text, Voice or Video
Our chat and messaging tools make communication with anyone on the platform trivial.
Team Interviews Made Easy
Some teams may want to interview applicants to ensure a good fit. We take the stress out of the process and make it convenient for everyone.

A Timeline for your Personal Portfolio
Your portfolio lets people know what experience you have, so they can connect in a way which is meaningful and productive.
Build Trust
We allow you to optionally verify your identity through KYC so people know you really are who you say you are.

User to User Economy
Need specialised skills urgently? Use yours crypto tokens to incentivise other users to help you complete tasks.
Rewards for Social Good
We love projects that push humanity forward through charity, open source and more. Our Social Good DAO allocates tokens to projects which help benefit society.

The web app is designed to work in browsers for both desktop and mobile. The native mobile apps will be released to app stores at a later date.

Subscription pricing will be announced at the end of the alpha testing stage. There will always be a free tier available.

Motives takes its responsibility to privacy very seriously, and has highly granular options for what data you allow us to use to improve your experience. We don't use any 3rd party trackers or cookies in any of our sites or apps